One Policy To Protect Two Parties & Your Dependents

Life insurance for couples, also known as couples life insurance, may seem like a complex financial product to consider. In reality, it is arguably the most convenient way to ensure that the remaining spouse (and children) will be financially protected should one of you die.

The fact that you can use a single policy and monthly payment to cover both of you. Here at Cheaper Life Insurance, we can put you on the right path to find the best package available. Start the process by securing your personalised free quote today.

Life Insurance For Couples: Have It On Your Terms

Joint life insurance for married couples is popular for parents and partners who don’t have children alike. It is designed to pay a lump fee should either of you die during the period of time covered by the agreement. Alternatively, selecting whole of life cover will mean that the remaining spouse will receive a payout whenever the first of you dies.

While most couples life insurance plans only pay out of the first death, second death policies are also available. In this instance, children or other named beneficiaries receive the payout from the insurer. It also means a double payout is possible should both of you die at once.

Joint life insurance for married couples payout fees can be set to cover the mortgage, funeral costs, living expenses, and childcare costs that the surviving spouse may face. It also means that the family’s financial future is protected regardless of who dies.

The UK’s Best Life Insurance For Married Couples

When looking to take out couples life insurance, it’s vital that you choose a dedicated insurer that offers life insurance for young married couples and mature couples alike. It’s not just about finding the best provider, though, it’s about choosing the best provider for you.

Cheaper Life Insurance is a broker that can quickly connect you to AIG, AVIVA, Legal & General, LV, and other top providers to build a tailored couples life insurance plan that works for both of you. Better still, there will be full UK coverage.

Whether you’re ready to subsequently choose a package from the results or want our impartial advice, the process begins with completing a simple free quote today.

Why Couples Life Insurance?

Joint life insurance for married couples and unmarried couples makes a lot of sense for several reasons. Firstly, holding one policy is often cheaper than two individual ones, especially if there is only one payout in place. Making a claim is easy for the surviving spouse too as they will know the policy in detail.

It also means you can work as a couple during the research stage to find a policy that meets both of your requirements. This allows you to discuss key issues, such as;

  • Whether you need to cover critical illness or focus only on life insurance,
  • If term life insurance for couples or whole of life insurance for couples is better,
  • Whether you want a fixed payout or a reducing fee over time.

Couples life insurance won’t give you the flexibility of covering each party individually to different values. When the desire is to ensure that the mortgage and other key financial matters are taken care of regardless of what the future has in store, it is one of the most effective plans.

Get Couples Insurance Quotes Now

Life insurance for couples makes it far easier for couples to manage their entire situation. Thanks to Cheaper Life Insurance, the process of securing coverage is streamlined too. Simply fill out the online form and you will receive personalised quotes in no time. After selecting your chosen insurer, setting up your plan and payments will be easy.

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